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August 2021 - A Quiet(er) Month

This month's entry comes from Creative Producer, Emma Ruse.

We are finally writing to you from what seems like a much quieter month on our end. After the launch of our Building a Framework report in July and the release of our August show, Kill Your Darlings- it’s been pretty quiet round this neck of the woods!

I suppose, that’s only if ‘quiet’ includes supporting our wonderful “Home” writers to finish their plays, being panellists on a virtual summit hosted by Vivid Roots Collective, and evaluating all the projects we worked on from May to July!

They don’t tell you during training how exciting your first big project can be. This month we’ve booked rehearsal space for our “Home” project, which is FAR more exciting than it sounds. It’s so exciting to see the project start to come to life, and we can’t wait for you all to have the opportunity to come see one of our projects in person! Tickets will be on sale soon, so look out for that!

We’d also like to thank everyone who bought a ticket to Kill Your Darlings this month, as always, your support means the world.

We’re also about to undergo some pretty detailed strategy development within the organisation, and we need your help! If you have ever engaged with our work as an artists, participant, or audience member please fill out our anonymous survey here:

If you have other thoughts or feedback for us, please email at!

See you soon!

Emma Ruse (Creative Producer)


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