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Burnout R&D

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'Burnout' is a new verbatim play by Ellen Bradbury discussing burnout and its physical and psychological impacts. Framework is supporting the Research and Development of this project with a full cast and creative team of new graduates (2020-22). 

We are inviting emerging artists to the first shared reading of ‘Burnout’ after its week-long R&D on Friday 2nd Dec at 2:30pm.

If you’re interested in hearing a bit of the script by Ellen Bradbury and are keen to watch a work-in-progress of the idea (for free) then please do join us! This is an opportunity for emerging artists who have not participated in an R&D to find out more about the process. 


Register here:

The Team

The Cast


Oat Jenner
Gabrielle Monica Hughes
Iona Ross
Nicola Alexander
James Miles-Boyd


Written by Ellen Bradbury

Directed by Emma Ruse

Produced by Jennifer Galt

Creative Team mentored by Gary McNair

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