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Our Documents

This page contains our published documents. We aim, as a company, to be transparent and challenge the work we make and the sector we work in. 

This page will grow to include annual reports, research publications, and our company guidelines. We hope these publications can be useful resources for other emerging companies, organisations and artists. 

Callout Level Guide

A guide to what the levels attached to each of our recruitment processes means. 

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Recruitment Policy

Our July 2023 recruitment policy, detailing how we facilitate callouts and casting for artists. 

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2022 Annual Report

An overview of Framework's 2022, who we've worked with and what we've worked on. 

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2023 Annual Report

Our annual report detailing what we've achieved in 2023, and teasing our plans for 2024!

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Annual Report '23.png

Equity House Agreement 

An agreement between Equity and Framework to ensure we are employing our performers and stage managers on union contracts and rates. 

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Building A Framework: A report into the wants + needs of emerging theatre-makers in Scotland.

A report to emphasise the voices of emerging artists within Scottish theatre, and allow others to learn about the challenges they face. 

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