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January 2021 - A New Adventure

Welcome to our new adventure! We have decided in 2021 to start uploading a monthly blog from one of our team members to keep you up to date on our latest activity. We hope this helps to keep you all in the loop- and show you how much really goes into our work behind the scenes!

This month's entry is from our Producer, Emma Ruse.

This has been a busy month for the Framework Team. We’re kicking off our new year with the very exciting (read: mind-numbing) task of applying for funding for a couple of big projects that are in the pipeline. We've gotten stuck in to our weekly team meetings, and are very excited for our first full year as a registered company.

If you’re looking for me this month, you will see me at my desk pulling my hair out as I try and work out how on earth you finalise the budget for this project and plan out every last detail. We are hoping and praying for the return of some form of live theatre this year, but we’re hedging our bets. We’ve seen producers claiming runs will occur in June, and others who are waiting and planning for 2022. There’s one thing we can be sure of though, and that’s that we have big plans lined up and as soon as we can put them into motion, we’ll be running headfirst at full pelt!

In other news for me, I’ve recently started a short course with Guildhall in order to up my PR and Marketing game. I’m incredibly excited and so far, it’s been wonderful and useful- so I hope you’re all ready for the marketing storm of our next project! It’s going to be next level, just you wait.

I’m also excited to say that with support from the Scottish Drama Training Network, I’m receiving mentoring from Eleanor Scott, who works as a producer for Vanishing Point. I’m really excited to develop my practice and learn from her over the next few months!

This is a really tough time for everyone, and we hope you’re all looking after yourselves. We are living and working in the hope that theatre will be back on our stages soon- and looking forward to brighter days to come.

A busy month of desk stress and hair pulling out, all part of the process as we move on with our plans for 2021 and beyond!

Emma Ruse - Producer


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