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July 2021 - A Series of (exciting) Events

This month's blog is brought to you from Framework co-founder Emma Cochrane.

Well! It's been a really crazy month for us at Framework - but an exciting one too!

We launched the news of our latest project for August - 'Kill Your Darlings'. An interactive dark comedy audio play set in Edinburgh in the style of a film noir and, if I do say so myself, it's definitely worth a look! It follows detective Alyssa Young as she investigates the murder of a promising young starlet and, as an audience member, you get to actually choose how to story goes with who to interrogate, which rooms to explore and finally who you think the killer is. It's written by our very own Georgia Smith and it's absolutely hilarious.

Tickets are available now on a pay what you can basis at

Alongside this we have also published our "Building a Framework" report which our lovely producer Emma Ruse has been working on for AGES. It is a wonderful report we feel is much needed in the industry examining the wants and needs of emerging theatre makers in Scotland. We started off the survey in May and managed to receive over 100 responses (If you were one of them - THANK YOU!). It's 100% worth a read if you work, or want to work, in the Scottish theatre sector.

You can read this here at

As well as all this (I did say it had been a crazy month!), we were delighted to be able to have to opportunity to support 2 readings of new work from the wonderful MOOT Point Collective with "Kneecaps" and Katie Fraser with "Play Pretend". It's been an absolute pleasure to work with them on these readings and we have been having so much fun getting to know them and having insight into, what we definitely expect to be, some wonderful new pieces of writing. We were so delighted with the feedback we received and can’t wait to see what this talented bunch come up with next!

As always, we have so much coming up in store for next month regarding our "Home" project which we are so so SO excited about and many more, but this wouldn't be a Framework blog if we didn't leave you hanging...

Emma Cochrane


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