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May 2021 - Securing Funding and Making Big Plans

This month's entry is very exciting, and from our Creative Producer Emma Ruse. Stay until the end of this one to be the first to hear a VERY exciting bit of news we've been sitting on for a few months...

This month’s blog is (as always) an exceedingly exciting one!

May has been an extremely busy month for the Framework Team, kicking off with hosting Scotland’s first ever emerging theatre makers festival. The festival was a massive success, with over 460 tickets sold and paid work provided for 14 emerging/early-career creatives. We’re really excited to see how the format might grow, and what the future of Framework Festival might look like.

As well as the festival, we’ve been getting stuck into research and development for the play we are working on as part of Illumination Theatre Service’s Navigate project. We’re absolutely loving working with Louise, and even though our reading lists are approximately 23 miles long it’s all been very exciting. This week we’re starting to actually put pen to paper, which whilst daunting is a great step to be making. We're also currently looking to talk to those who identify as witches, so please get in touch at!

Our last two updates are massive. Firstly, we are delighted to be expanding our core team. Jennifer Galt will be joining our team as Associate Producer, and so far we are loving having her on board. Jen was one of our festival artists and is already making a massive impact on the future of the company!

Our final piece of news is that we have been successful in receiving funding from the National Lottery, via the Creative Scotland Open Fund! We are delivering an updated and revamped version of a previous project, and it is launching on social media this week- so keep your eyes peeled!

We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got coming up. See you in June!

Emma R (Creative Producer)


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