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September 2021 - Get This Show on the Road

This Month's entry comes from Framework Co-Founder, Georgia Smith. Hello! A big piece of exciting news for this month, the whole Framework Team finally met in person for the first time! We had a full day of planning, from going over budgets to future projects and evaluating past productions. Overall, we were planning our future as a company, and somehow making a timeline to fit it all together. You have probably heard of our latest show, Home: A Project for New Writers. This month our lovely writers handed in their scripts and we divided them up between us to start prep as directors. We've been working with Megan Adair as our production manager and we're all really excited to get this show on the road! On that note, casting for Home is open until the 11th of October so check out the casting breakdown on our website if you're interested. But, if you're not the acting sort, tickets are now on sale! Friday the 12th of November at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, we'd love to see you there! In other news, we're currently looking for a social media co-ordinator to work with us until the end of the year. So please apply if you're knowledgeable about all things Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We also have another funding application being worked on in the background, I wonder if anyone can guess what it could be for...? One last thing before I go, because this wouldn't be a Framework blog if we didn't tease something, we may just have another project in the works for you, and if all goes to plan, it is due to be released before the year is out. See you next time, Georgia


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